Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

How To Download Brightcove Videos

I use google chrome

1. go to: chrome://plugins/  and deactivate flash plugin
2. go to the page that offers the brightcove video -> reload and you'll see a message that the video can't be played because of flash is not available
3. open the developers tools by pressing ctrl + shift + I
4. open developer tools and go to the console tab, there choose emulation and choose network
5. set spoof user agent to android 4.0.2 galaxy nexus

6. reload the page by pressing F5
7. go to the elements tab an click console
8. click on the link in the line where 'was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure video' appears, its right behind those words -> a new tab should open with the video playing back

9. right click in the video on the new tab and choose save video as...

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  1. Allavsoft also helps to download brightcove videos to MP4, AVI, etc with this step by step guide: